Commercial Locksmith Manhattan

Commercial Locksmith Manhattan

Amazing Article About Commercial Locksmith Manhattan

Commercial Locksmith Manhattan – A commercial locksmith provides amazing services to the office folks as they are busy in their hustle-bustle lives and often forget a key or a code. Locksmith works their best, all round the clock to provide the best services to you and many others.

There is a question that many people seem to be curious about how does a locksmith get the doors and safes open without damaging anything?

In this article, we will answer this question and discuss the methods a commercial locksmith uses to get the job done.

First and foremost, let’s list down the services which are generally provided by a commercial locksmith:

  • Industrial building lockouts.
  • Installing new locks on doors.
  • Fixing or restoring old locks.
  • Changing out the mailboxes.
  • Unbarring or repairing various types of safes.
  • Unlocking file cabinets.
  • Cutting off rusty padlocks.
  • Reprogramming of digital lock systems. 

Methods Used in Businesses and Official Lockouts:

Imagine getting locked out of your office about an hour or two before the meeting. No, breaking the window or door is not the answer, do not kick the door. Preferably, get in contact with the experts who are known as commercial locksmiths. A commercial locksmith used multiple methods to open the door and make sure that nothing in your office is damaged. They even go to the limits of making sure that your lock remains in working condition after it is unlocked. 

Working of the Lock of the Door:

An expert locksmith can easily pick a normal lock which usually is made up of the pin and tumbler system. This pin and tumbler lock is very common and usually have the followings parts:

  • Bible: This part has the springs and the driver pins.
  • Plug: This part of the lock is the one that turns with the key.
  • Key pins: These pins are touched by the key to open the door.
  • Driver Pin: These pins are between the bible and the plug.
  • Shear lines: The lines that separate the plug from the bible.

Generally, the driver pins and springs are at an average height, on the other hand, the key pins are a bit different in this situation. The keys pins have a similar height as the height of the key channels. The key is positioned inside the plug, the driver pins are raised with the support of the key pins, which in turn then tighten the springs. The driver pins are then set on the shear lines, and once the driver pins have completely reached all the shear lines, the key can turn, and the door opens.

Picking a Locked Door:

That was the working of a door lock. Now, to open a door without the key, the best method is picking the lock. Picking the lock is to make sure that the driver pins reach the shear lines without a key. A professional commercial locksmith can handle this work with ease as they have the right tools for it such as the picking set, the tension wrench, and lock picks of standard sizes.

Using the Bumped Keys:

There is another method for opening the pin and tumbler locks and that method includes the use of a bump key. 

A bump key works on a similar procedure as the lock picks, they are used to move the driver pins to reach all the shear lines. This method is very harmless to the lock, in general, and just acts like a key to temporarily turn the plug so the door can be unlocked. 

Replacing the Lock of a Safe:

While the door has a moving plug and can be accessed easily, the plug of a cabinet/safe/mailbox is more fixed to a specific bar that turns with the use of a key. This is why opening a door is very different than opening a mailbox/safe/cabinet.

The initial step of all while replacing a lock on a mailbox or maybe a cabinet is to open the locked door. Usually, the locked door can open with a spare key or with picks. There is a pin on both sides of the lock that either faces in the upper direction or to the side. This pin should be removed either by hand or a screwdriver. 

After the pins have been removed, the step includes, taking out the lock from the hole. After the lock has been taken out, a new one is placed and secured in the position with new pins. A commercial locksmith also makes sure that the bar is easily sliding into the lock and is not too long or too short. After fixing all of this, the job is done and your safe/cabinet/mailbox now has a new lock.

Commercial Locksmith Manhattan
Commercial Locksmith Manhattan

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