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Commercial Locksmith Services

Business and Business Owners require efficient locksmith services in NY to maintain and protect their operations. We offer the complete residential and commercial services as locksmith in the Upper East Side, NY.

We have been serving the local businesses with regular and emergency locksmith services since 1986. Almost every business owner and office maintenance department in the east of New York City knows us for our dedicated commercial services.

Installation of New Lock

Every lock at home or business goes through intense uses. Thus, they can break anytime. We are there as your local locksmith in NYC for quick services.

A quick installation of a new lock is essential in protecting your business. Our professional locksmiths will respond to your call and install the lock in the shortest possible time.

No matter if it is a regular or high-security lock, we have the expertise to deal with all of them. You just have to give us a call. Leave the rest of the hassles on us.

Repair Installed Locks

As a professional locksmith company, we offer routine inspection of your business installation. In this process, if we find any faulty lock, it will be replaced immediately.

One single weak point in the access control can jeopardize the entire system. As quick security solutions, we offer instant repair of any damaged or worn lock.

We concentrate mostly on the primary entry points and the storages, where all the essential documents and materials are safeguarded.

A secure locking mechanism in the significant entry points prevents any unauthorized entries. Besides, secure storage will safeguard your business secrets and sensitive information. 

Lockout Response

Every second matter in business. Those seconds are more precious when you are runing business in New York. A lockout situation can make things complicated and ruin valuable business time.

What is the solution? Send the team home? Not at all. USA Locksmith Inc is there to help you resolve any office lockout issues 24/7 all-round the year.

We ensure a non-destructive entry to your business premises. That means no locks or access control devices will be damaged by our professionals while letting you inside the office.

It doesn’t matter if the locks are digital or mechanical. We can open them all. All we need is a call from you.

Safe Installation

It is easy. Get the best safe in the market and set it up inside the office. However, it is not as easy as it looks. Not every safe is appropriate for commercial uses and can store the documents properly.

We, as a professional commercial and residential locksmith service, help you to choose the best safe for your business. Since 1986, we have been working with the leading safe manufacturers in the market. Thus, our expertise and knowledge both are extensive about commercial safes. 

Moreover, we will install the safe correctly in the most secure location in the business premises.

Repair and Unlock Commercial Safes

Nowadays, office safes may not contain money or other valuables; however, what they safeguard is priceless—business, ownership, and tax documents. A faulty safe lock will endanger the entire business operation.

We can repair all the safes made by the major manufacturers in the market. Don’t worry if the office staff or you forget the combination, or the lock is not behaving correctly. USA Locksmith Inc will take care of all these issues.

If there is any safe lockout situation and you can’t access the essential documents, we will be there in the quickest time.

File Cabinet Unlocking

If safes contain the most sensitive documents for the entire business, file cabinets are the hub of daily operation. Lockout of the file cabinets can hamper the whole business operation for a few days.

USA Locksmith Inc won’t let it happen. We have the mastery over any file cabinet locks. It doesn’t matter if the problem is with the lock or the keys, it will be fixed within the shortest possible time.

We will provide repair or replacement of the cabinet lock. If the key duplication is required, you will get the service too. No wonder business owner’s in NYC rank us as ‘one of the best’ for our complete services.

Servicing Digital Locks

Digital locks come with convenience and better security. However, also comes the complexity and tendency to break down quickly. As so many people use the digital access control system at a time, so it is common for those devices to malfunction.

Like any other padlock or mechanical lock, USA Locksmith Inc can do repair or maintenance of major digital lock brands. From simple input issues to connection problems in the mainboard, we can handle all.

Digital locks are more vulnerable to both mechanical and electrical problems due to their delicate circuitries. Regular maintenance and up-gradation will not only keep them 

Upgradation of Security Systems

Even the most updated security systems need routine up-gradation. New security threats are evolving every day, so the manufacturers update the system and software literally every day. If the security system in your business is not updated, it may compromise the safety of the operations.

USA Locksmith Inc is aware of the most recent updates of all the major digital access control manufacturers. Therefore, we will be the best resource for the up-gradation of your business’s digital security.

In each of our visits to your business premises, we conduct a thorough inspection of the entire system for security. Later, our professional locksmith will hand over you a detailed summary of the current status of the system and all the required updates.

If you agree with our inspection and recommendation, we will start upgrading right away.

The best commercial locksmith services in NY is now within your reach. To avail high-quality services and highest customer satisfaction, call USA Locksmith Inc at (212) 744-3915.

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