From a young age David was fascinated with the way mechanical things work. Whenever he had the opportunity he used to go to his Uncle’s locksmith shop, take apart different locks and put them back together. The entire process fascinated him.

I was obsessed with the way things work – the way the come apart, the way they can be put back together again…

Combining his knowledge in locks and his excellent customer service David decided to continue as a locksmith for a carrier.

David has learned much of his skills from is uncle Ezra – who has been a working locksmith since the early 50’s.

David prides himself on honesty, integrity and respect. When he started work as a locksmith in New York City he saw many people taken advantage of – in this line of work, you often need a locksmith in a time of emergency. When you’re frantic and panicked and have no other option, you’re a prime target to be ripped off. This is not David. He is fair and honest. This is the trademark of his character and his business.

David resides in New York City.